AZNHA Members Only

AZNHA Financials

AZNHA is proud to announce that some of our Associate Members are now offering discounts and additional value to our agency members only. See below for a complete list of the benefits being offered by our associate members. Please keep in mind that due to the very nature of some of our Associate’s businesses, not all will be in a position to offer discounts.

AZNHA Board Meeting Minutes

We often have requests from our members for contact information for other members. To answer your call, The following button links you to a pdf document listing all current AZNHA members, separated by Agencies and Associates. To honor our promise to never share email contacts, this document does not include email addresses.

Recruitment & Retention Webinar

The button below will take you to Webinar that AZNHA hosted on October 16, 2018. Stephen Campbell, Data and Policy Analyst for PHI, Bronx, NY made the presentation. This piece is just short of 1 hour long. Make sure your speakers are on.

AZNHA’s Bylaws

The Bylaws document is the governing document for the Arizona In-Home Care Association. The Bylaws are updated on an as-needed basis by the Board of Directors. Please click on the following button to access AZNHA’s Bylaws.

Laws and Regulation

The most recent Laws and Regulations that affect Arizona in-home care agencies.

COVID19 Information

The AZNHA board of directors have been working diligently to gain up-to-date information as it is released and, in turn, send it to our members. However, we realize that with all the email communications circulating around, you may miss some very important information. We will do everything possible to keep the content on this site current.

AZNHA Conference Presentation Series

Since AZNHA’s annual conference was cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Conference Planning Committee opted to present a series of five Zoom presentations by speakers who had been chosen to speak at the live event. Those recorded Zoom events can be viewed below.

AZNHA Fireside Chats

AZNHA President Zach Shaw started recording monthly Fireside Chats in January 2020. These recordings are a review of what was discussed during the current month’s board meeting. The intent is to keep our members up to date with the internal decision-making of your AZNHA Board of Directors.

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