Our mission is to uphold the highest standards of quality for the in-home care industry.

The Arizona In-Home Care Association (AZNHA) is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization that was formed to be the primary voice for the home care industry in Arizona. Whether it be best practices, consumer protection, education, or general information about our industry, AZNHA is the foremost leader for in-home care. We invite you to tour our site to learn more about us, our members, what we stand for and to find care services for your loved ones.

AZNHA’s 2022 Conference

Resulting from a recent survey, the AZNHA Board of Directors have concluded that postponing our next annual conference to March 4, 2022 to ensure the safety for all participants. And because we have so much time to prepare, the next event will be even bigger and better than those of the past. Keep watching for more information.


AZNHA’s Board of Directors are dedicated to keeping on top of the always-changing news and information coming at us from all directions. We are committed to sharing information with our Members in the AZNHA Members Only Section of this site. Please continue to monitor this site for the most up-to-date information available.

AZNHA’s 2020 Conference Presentation

In lieu of the Annual 2020 Conference, AZNHA offered a Conference Presentation Series of five (5) sessions presented by speakers that had been chosen to participate in the live event. These presentations are available to AZNHA members via our Members Only page.

Achieving Arizona’s Highest Standards
of Ethics and Service

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Are you looking for other information regarding
in-home care?

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