Low Impact Exercise Ideas for Seniors in Arizona

 By Laura Hatch      Photo Source:   https://Pixabay.com/photos Exercise is essential to maintaining good health, but it can seem daunting as we age. Fortunately, there are many ways to exercise without hurting yourself. Whether you’ve worked out throughout your life or want to get started, low-impact exercise is a great way to get fit. Low-impact exercise is […]

Top home safety tips for independent seniors living alone

Author: Elizabeth Long           Photo:   https://unsplash.com/photos/F98Mv9O6LfI Living alone is an important part of retaining independence and feeling like you have some privacy. Many people live in the same home for years, and for some, the idea of living anywhere else just doesn’t feel like the right thing to do. However, as you age, it is important […]

3 Tips to Bone Health

Author by: Daniel Louwrens Bones and especially bone health are something that is taken for granted and is usually only thought about when a bone is broken or starts feeling a little more creaky than usual. Nearly 54 million Americans suffer from Osteoporosis and with this rate increasing steadily every year, bone health has become […]

Celebrate Your Golden Years with Your Soulmate

Authored by Lucille Rosetti, www.thebereaved.org,   photo by Pexels If you find your soulmate later in life, how can you plan a life together? Marrying as an older adult may have different complexities, but you can navigate it and fulfill your dreams with a few tips. Build Your Dreams Together You should never give up on […]

Caring For A Loved One: The Letter Each Caregiver Should Write

Authored by Frank Hamilton, photo by Pixabay.com Being a caregiver is very challenging and difficult, no matter whether you look after your loving person or you are a professional caregiver in the medical facility. As a caregiver, you are always responsible for the people you actually care about. You have to make decisions that may […]

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How to Start A Blog At Any Age?

Authored by Frank Hamilton Blogging is a constantly developing area that brings new updates for content marketing. Nowadays, more and more content makers, marketers, and SEO specialists are striving to master crafting catchy blog posts. Older people aren’t exceptions: they want to be in step with the time in the modern content strategies. Moreover, it […]

The 5 Healthiest Grocery Store Fish to Eat

Authored by: Coty Perry, Your Bass Guy, https://www.linkedin.com/in/coty-perry/ As more and more people become aware of the food they’re putting in their mouth, fish continue to climb the ladder in terms of “healthy food options.” Would you believe we have to worry about healthy food choices? That even something like fish could be hazardous to […]

5 Ways to Make a Bathroom More Senior-Friendly and Safe

Authored by David Clark The bathroom can be dangerous for those with limited mobility due to its slippery surfaces. It’s common to hear stories about falls and injuries happening in the bathroom. According to statistics, falls are the leading cause of injury and death in seniors, so it is essential to take every precaution possible […]

How to Keep Seniors’ Minds Active Through Writing

Author:  Max Mitchell    Photo: chandler-cruttenden-OuTruf749dM-unsplash Writing with hands is a great way and exercise to keep your brain in tune,  grow your creative and critical thinking as well as learn and memorize language writing rules. This activity is useful for people of any age, especially for seniors who are retired and have plenty of free […]