Caregiver Education Series

AZNHA Caregiver Education Series Session 2

Understanding Dementia and the Risk for Falls

Caregivers are tasked with providing the best care and maintaining a safe environment for seniors with different levels of cognitive ability. Falls are a major threat to the health and independence of older aged 65 and older.

Each year in the United States, over one-third of older adults experience a fall. A dementia diagnosis plays a major role in the risk factors associated with falls. Learn the best practice for caregivers to actively reduce fall risks of your clients.

Brian Browne is the president of Cognitive Care Management and founder of Integrative Neuro Nutrition. Brian is a cognitive scientist and neuro-nutritionist, and he has over ten years of expertise in the fields of dementia, nutrition, aging and clinical research. He is a noted public speaker and a frequent lecturer at meetings and conferences regionally and nationally. His research interests include examining the role of nutrition and nonpharmacological approaches to reduce the risks of cognitive decline, chronic disease, and abnormal aging.

AZNHA Caregiver Education Series Session 1


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