Values of AZNHA Membership

Values List for Agency Members

  • Education meetings – These meetings are held most months in either Phoenix or Tucson. The presentation topics are relevant and timely to the home care industry. Both the Phoenix and Tucson meetings are broadcast via Facebook Live
  • Industry forecasts – AZNHA Board members and affiliates work closely to ensure that our members are up to date on industry changes and concerns. AZNHA’s goal is to ensure members can be proactive with changes that may impact the healthcare industry versus reactive. AZNHA has developed relationships with local and national associations, as well as the state legislature and AHCCCS which aids us in being notified in advance of potential industry changes. The Board sends out timely updates as they occur.
  • Peer support – As the health care industry changes and evolves, one of AZNHA’s foci is aiding in the development and implementation of new and existing agency owners. AZNHA serves as a resource for you for any questions and concerns you may have. You can connect with AZNHA anytime with questions and we will find someone who can assist you, even if it’s not home care related.
  • Legislative updates – Through the Board’s relationships with the legislature and other groups; members will receive timely updates, information and actions.
  • Annual conference – This annual event offers a full day of education, meeting suppliers of products and services and many opportunities to meet and network with your peers.
  • Referral list exposure – Whenever AZNHA has a table at any event, a list of members are made available as a handout. Also the AZNHA website has a searchable list of all members contact information.
  • Local and National Involvement – Board and Association members participate in local, regional and national conferences and other events. They report back to members what was learned. This is to ensure that AZNHA members are receiving the most cutting edge industry information.
  • AZNHA Brochures – All AZNHA members will receive high quality brochures to use with potential clients and/or marketing purposes.

Values List for Associate Members

  • Community Support – AZNHA members are only one piece of the puzzle. We need associate members from different aspects of the healthcare community. This provides a conduit for AZNHA to reach out for up to date information and to answer any questions by the members. We have members who have been in business for years as well as new comers to the industry that need to know who to call with questions that AZNHA does not know the answer to. This allows our Associate/Affiliate and Business/Agency members to communicate in an open environment and better serve our communities.
  • Exposure – AZNHA members are constantly out in the community. You will be a resource for not just us but for who we meet. We also have multiple marketing and networking opportunities and in which our associate members participate.
  • Collaboration – We will keep you up to date on what is happening in the health care industry and ask that you do the same, so we can all be proactive with changes versus reactive.
  • Associate members are encouraged to participate in AZNHA’s annual conference by purchasing an exhibitor table, or with a sponsorship. This event offers you the best opportunity to meet with all AZNHA members in attendance. We build a lot of time into our agenda for, and encourage, our attendees to interact with our exhibitors.
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