The State of Arizona does not require non-medical home care businesses to be licensed. That means there is no regulatory body or government agency in Arizona that oversees or regulates the delivery of non-medical home care services to consumers.

An effort to introduce legislation to regulate the non-medical home care industry in Arizona was shot down at the Sunrise phase by a Legislative Committee on December 9, 2010. The prospects of any regulation for our industry looks dismal for the next several years because of Arizona’s anti-regulatory Legislature. This atmosphere creates all the more need for the AZNHA.

In Arizona, anyone can open and operate a non-medical home care company. We believe the lack of licensure by the state creates an industry that has no standards of service, no over-sight, and no criterion of business ethics. The results are a variety of non-medical home care business organizations that deliver their services in a varied manner, exercising a diverse business ethic delivering those services. As a result of the differences in service delivery and business ethic, the consumer has been, and continues to be, vulnerable and the industry’s integrity suffers.

The Arizona In-Home Care Association’s focus is to establish and enhance the credibility of non-medical home care provider businesses for consumers by requiring Members of the Association to adhere to the Association’s strict standards and code of business ethics. These credentialing standards are available on this Web site for consumers and providers alike. The Association maintains that its standards and ethics are a common sense approach founded on principles of consumer protection and advocacy.

The Arizona In-Home Care Association (AZNHA) represents a coalition of businesses in, and affiliated with, the in-home care industry who are dedicated to consumer protection and advocacy. In 2007, the Association was created to enhance the image and confidence of in-home care provider businesses in the eyes of consumers. AZNHA accomplished this by establishing a Code of Business Ethics and Minimum Standards of Delivery of Services for all its members to adhere to. (Please refer to our Standards page for details.) AZNHA members agree to adhere to our Code of Business Ethics.

Further, Members commit to comply with, and maintain, the Association’s Credentialing Standards of Service for the delivery of in-home care services. In so doing, they are demonstrating their business standards to the consumer by becoming a Member in Good Standing of the Association.

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AZNHA Consumer Complaints

The Association has a Consumer Complaint Process available to consumers. If you have a complaint about an in-home care provider in Arizona, AZNHA may be able to help. Find out how we might be able to help you.

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