The History of AZNHA

It is little known fact that Elizabeth Irish originated the idea of a nonprofit association and named it Arizona Non-Medical Home Care Association. In 2007 when the initial effort by industry leaders attempted to gain licensure for the industry and failed, Elizabeth and her husband, Don (owners of Family Home Care) created a website for the organization and discussed developing the concept.

At about that same time, Elizabeth met Bob Hebert, owner of Carefree Home Care. (Bob has since retired and Carefree Home Care was purchased by Senior Bridge in 2013.) After talking with Bob Hebert, Elizabeth learned that he had been working on an association for the non-medical home care industry, also naming it the Arizona Non-Medical Home Care Association.

Elizabeth introduced Don to Bob, and in 2007 AZNHA was born. Bob Dailey and Patrick Peters joined as Founding Board Members. They all believed AZNHA was the most significant way to represent the industry as a whole – and so it began…

In 2014, the AZNHA Board of Directors determined it was time to acknowledge those members (both past and present) who had been integral in the formation of AZNHA. At the 2014 Annual Conference, the AZNHA Board awarded the first AZNHA Legacy award to Don Irish. Patrick Peters was the 2015 recipient and Bob Dailey became the 2016 recipient. We congratulate these three, and the other founders of AZNHA for their vision.

Our Legacy Award Recipients:




don-irish-copy patrick-peters bob-dailey

Don Irish

Family Home Care

Patrick Peters

Referrals for Seniors & Caregivers

Bob Dailey

Visiting Angels, Mesa