Alzheimer’s Association – Desert Southwest Chapter

Phone: (800) 272-3900

The Desert Southwest Chapter’s purpose is to empower and support individuals, families, care partners and communities affected by dementia in Arizona.

Addiction Center

Phone: (844) 254-2124

Drug and alcohol abuse among the elderly is a rapidly growing health problem in the United States. .Addiction among people 65 and up is often underestimated and under-diagnosed, which can prevent them from getting the help they need. Regardless of how old you are or when your addiction started, there are treatment options available to help you get back on a healthy path.

Alcohol Rehab Help

Website only:

Alcohol Rehab Help is an informational web guide founded in 2020. Our site was created to help those struggling with alcohol use disorders (AUD), substance use disorders (SUD), and/or co-occurring mental health disorders. (National Council for Home Safety and Security)

Phone:  No phone listed – contact through website only is the official site of the National Council for Home Safety and Security. On, consumers will find important research, articles, reports, and everything else they need to know about home security and safety.  The National Council for Home Safety and Security is a national trade association comprised of licensed alarm installers, contractors, and other relevant trade groups across the United States. Our stated goal is to further industry education and public knowledge about home safety and security. (Smart Home Technology for Seniors)

Phone:  No phone listed – contact through website only 

This site offers information about various innovations that will help our elders stay in their homes longer. At the page, scroll through the list of devices to learn more about how smart home technology can add ease and convenience to your everyday life.

American Bar Association Commission on Law & Aging

Phone: (202) 662-8690

The Commission examines a wide range of legal issues affecting older people. This research results in publications, conferences, technical assistance and training programs, and demonstration projects of considerable value to the association and the public at large. Current projects include: Elder Abuse, Guardianship Jurisdiction, Guardianship Law & Practice, Health Decisions, Medicare, National Legal Resource Center and Voting and Cognitive Impairment.

Arizona Area Agencies on Aging

An Area Agency on Aging (AAA) is a public or nonprofit private agency that helps older Arizonans. AAAs are chosen by the State to plan and coordinate services at the local level:

  • Provide home- and community-based services
  • Advocate for older adults
  • Offer information on programs, options and community supports

Many programs are offered in partnership with DES and funded through the Older Americans Act.

There are eight (8) Area Agencies on Aging in Arizona:

Area Agency on Aging, Region 1, Phoenix


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Pima Council on Aging, Tucson


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Area Agency on Aging, Region 3, Flagstaff


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Western AZ Council of Governments, Yuma


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Pinal/Gila Council for Senior Citizens, Casa Grande


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Southeastern AZ Governments Organization, Bisbee


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Navajo Area Agency on Aging, Region 7, Window Rock


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Inter-Tribal Council of AZ, Phoenix


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Arizona Adult Protective Services (APS)

Phone: (877) 767-2385

Working in partnership with law enforcement, the courts, and community-based service providers, APS can assist in facilitating services and supports that help protect vulnerable adults from abuse, neglect or exploitation, and help them live as independently as possible.

Arizona Assisted Living Federation of America

Phone: (602) 322-0100

Arizona ALFA, the largest not-for-profit trade organization exclusively dedicated to representing providers and enhancing the quality of life for residents. We have over 250 members including a wide variety of assisted living, senior housing and health care providers as well as other industry partners.

Arizona Caregiver Coalition

Phone:  888-737-7494

The Arizona Caregiver Coalition is the equivalent of “Google” for Arizona caregivers. We help those caring for others (regardless of the medical reason) by offering a Respite Rebate Program, a Caregiver Resource Line, and an online resource database.

Arizona Care Alliance

Phone:  480-967-8477

The Arizona Care Alliance is an online resource to referrals and information for our elder community members seeking help.

Arizona Child Care Resource & Referral

Phone: 800-308-9000

Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) meets a need that no one else does – providing the bridge between parents, providers, community leaders, and policymakers about anything related to child care in Arizona

Arizona Attorney General

Phone: (602) 542-2124

Arizona’s seniors are often vulnerable to physical abuse and neglect by caretakers and many times are specifically targeted by those attempting to defraud them through home repair, living trust scams, bogus charities and other financial scams. Protecting Arizona’s seniors from abuse and exploitation is an important function of your Attorney General’s Office.

Arizona Geriatrics Society

Phone: (602) 265-0211

The Arizona Geriatrics Society is dedicated to advancing healthcare for older Arizonans by supporting the development of professionals in geriatrics and gerontology who are committed to improving and developing healthcare best practices for older adults.

Phone: (855) 669 3472

Resources and Information for Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Survivors. Our mission is to be the most reliable, timely and complete resource on the internet for brain injury and spinal cord injury survivors. Our hope is that the site will be relied upon as a trustworthy resource for the community and for those who are searching for information.

Consumers United LLC

Phone: 918-894-6896

Our goal with the ConsumerAffairs stair lifts guide is to help consumers make an informed decision when shopping for stair lifts. The guide covers all sorts of information that could be helpful to consumers interested in finding information about purchasing stair lifts.

Consumer Safety Guide

Phone: (866)-742-7834

The American public relies on manufacturers and governmental agencies to ensure that products sold in the U.S. are safe when used as directed. We have information about some of the latest safety issues involving drugs, medical devices, food and other products.

Disaster Preparedness Guide

Website Only:

Natural disasters are not fun for anyone. Unfortunately, they can be especially traumatizing for seniors. Older people are more frail and less mobile, making it a challenge for them to respond quickly. They may not always have the help they need immediately when they need it to escape a danger zone. The thought is frightening, but the good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to prepare yourself for possible emergencies if you’re a senior. If you’re a caretaker or a family member of a senior, you can also take measures to help him/her stay safe during dangerous natural disasters. This guide will cover the common types of emergencies that family and caregivers of seniors should be aware of, tips for helping the elderly evacuate when needed, and a handy checklist of items to have and bring with you in the event of an emergency.

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Taking steps to stop domestic violence — whether it affects you or a loved one — is a difficult and unsettling experience. It can be especially challenging in cases of financial abuse, which may be hard to identify and address. Financial abuse impacts many people in dysfunctional relationships, having a severe impact on the mental and financial well-being of those affected. How does financial abuse impact victims, and what can you do to address it? If you or a family member are being victimized by this type of abuse, read through this guide to grasp this complicated topic and understand your options for stopping it.

Governors Advisory Council on Aging

Phone: (602) 542-4710

Established by state law in 1980, the Governor’s Advisory Council on Aging (GACA) is a statewide body of fifteen members appointed by the Governor to serve three-year terms. The Council’s purpose, by statute, is to “advise the Governor, Legislature and all State Departments which the Council deems necessary on all matters and issues relating to aging, including the administration of the State Plan on Aging.” The Council’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for older Arizonans.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Arizona Chapter

Phone: (480) 968-2488

The Arizona Chapter works tirelessly to improve the quality of life for the 45,500 people affected by MS throughout Arizona. Our mission is to create a world free of multiple sclerosis. We are here for you, your family or anyone you Save & Exit know affected by MS.

National Council for Aging Care

Address:  1200 G Street NW, Washington, DC 20005
Phone: (877) 664-6140 is a resource hub for seniors and their families to learn more about planning for healthy aging. If you have more questions, our experts can help you find the information you need to help you make the best decisions about insurance, government assistance, and other resources.


Phone: (866) 257-2851

NVISION is an online site that provides information and education about vision and how sight is affected by aging. The link provided to the right is a comprehensive summary of practical internet accessibility tips for vision-impaired users – covering things like using text-to-speech, changing text size and more.

National Council for Home Safety & Security

Address:  1015 15th St NW,  #600, Washington, DC 20005

Guide to Senior Safety at Home

This resource guide will review the steps that can be taken to create a safe living area for seniors, discuss how technology can assist, and how to gauge the warning signs that indicate an entirely different approach may be necessary

Here’s a Second Resource:

Guide to Helping Senior Citizens Stay Safe at Home

At GoodCall®, we believe that the best decisions are backed by data. Moreover, we believe that data should be free, transparent and easy to understand. Our goal is to help consumers make the best decisions about important things – from personal finance to education to careers and beyond.  This guide is produced by, 1101 Red Ventures Dr., Ft. Mill, SC 29707

And a Third Resource:

Home Modifications for Seniors and the Disabled

This site provides a lot of information regarding modifications that can be made to a home that will help further the goal of safety for its residents.

(Research on PTSD Among Aging Adults)

Web-based only

Post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD, can happen to people of all ages. It is especially a common issue among aging adults because they have a more likely chance to have experienced at least one traumatic event in their lifetime. This guide will account for PTSD among aging adults, veterans, and older homeless people. Disclaimer: We are not doctors. This is for informational purposes only.

Veterans Benefits

Veterans and survivors who are eligible for a VA pension and require the aid and attendance of another person, or are housebound, may be eligible for additional monetary payment. These benefits are paid in addition to monthly pension, and they are not paid without eligibility to Pension.

Vision Center

Web-based only

We provide medically accurate content for all things vision. Learn about eye conditions and vision correction practices. Explore treatment options on our website.

Mesothelioma Information

Malignant mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer that occurs in the thin layer of cells lining the body’s internal organs, known as the mesothelium. By accessing this website, you can learn how to access a free guide on the disease, find legal help, and much, much  more.