Advantages of Membership

AZNHA Members in Good Standing may use the Association’s Logo in their business marketing, indicating their commitment to the Association’s high Standards of Service and Business Ethics. We invite you to review our entire web site to learn more about our association.

In late 2019, AZNHA Associate members began offering AZNHA Agency members exclusive discounts and/or benefits. These are outlined on the Members Only pages of our website.To find out which Associate members are offering discounts, it is noted on their individual profile page on our web site.


  1. AZNHA is closely associated with national, regional and state entities that directly affect your business practices and consumers. We keep you updated on current (and future) situations and decisions that may affect your business and consumers.
  2. AZNHA is proactive with state entities such as the State Legislature, AHCCCS and the Department of Labor, to help shape the industry in Arizona. Membership with AZNHA, will help you keep your agency’s best practices up to date in accordance with state and federal laws.
  3. Since there is no governing body in Arizona for non-medical in home care. Our purpose is to provide support and guidance for non-medical in home care agencies and collaborate with other health care entities such as home health, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, and hospices, to provide the highest standard of health care for Arizona residents.
  4. Many organizations (hospitals, urgent care centers and independent living centers) are referring patients to AZNHA members because of our high standards and recommended business practices.
  5. There is power in numbers and steady growth of AZNHA’s membership base will aid in placing AZNHA in a position to become a major force in the State of Arizona whenever the subject of health care, and in-home care specifically, is involved.
  6. AZNHA is an organization with a large network of not just om-home health care agencies, but businesses that support and affect all aspects of in-home health care agency operations.

Become a Member

Membership in the Association is voluntary and all in-home care businesses, and those affiliated with the industry, are invited to submit their application. Any sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, company, association, individual or other form of business entity of good character and business and professional reputation engaged in the in-home care industry in Arizona may become AZNHA Members (if approved). Please choose one of the Business, Associate or Individual Membership category (whichever is appropriate).

The annual AZNHA membership dues for Business and Associate members are $300. For those applying for membership after February 1 of the current year, AZNHA offers a pro-rated rate of $25.00 per month for the remaining months of the current year. Your annual renewal will occur January 1 of the following year. For those applying as an Individual Member, membership dues are $100/year.

The process of becoming a member of the Arizona In-Home Care Association is simple. Complete the application, sign the Credentialing Standards Agreement (attached to the application), and follow the checklist of additional documentation requested. If you need assistance or have questions, please call us at 602-283-3503 . Upon completion of the application, mail, fax or email to us at:




AZNHA PO Box 8042, Tempe, AZ 85281


Upon receipt of the application packet, processing will begin. This process includes verification of the information provided. The verification process could include an on-site visit to the applicant’s business, or a phone interview with the applicant. Upon acceptance,  the new Member will be sent a Certificate of Membership in the Association. As a Member in Good Standing, the new Member will have access to use the Association’s logo and all other Member rights.

Those businesses, sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, companies, associations, or other forms of business endeavor of good character who are actively engaged providing in-home care services. Agency Member ApplicationAgency Member Renewal

Those businesses that are engaged in the in-home care industry as a part of providing other, medical, palliative, or other home care services, or services to our Business members. Associate Member ApplicationAssociate Member Renewal

For individuals who would like to participate as an AZNHA member, but are not associated with a company (or their company chooses not to be a member).

Individual Member ApplicationIndividual Member Renewal