Arizona In-Home Care Association Consumer Complaint Process

If you believe you are, or have been, a victim of consumer fraud, we encourage you to visit the Arizona Attorney General’s website at: for information regarding what recourse you may have.


The nature of home care services requires that a relationship of trust and confidence exist among the home care providers, their employees and the public. Home care providers and their employees are expected to exercise their best judgment in the performance of their duties while interacting with all persons with whom they provide care in an honest, respectful, and civil manner.

However, in the course of doing business, misunderstandings and problems will occur. We believe that consistent, open, and honest communication between home care providers and their clients will minimize the risks of difficulties. Nonetheless, problems do occur. If a consumer has problems, issues, or other difficulties with a home care provider business, the Association suggests the consumer contact the owner of the provider business being used and attempt to discuss the problems with them.

If, for whatever reason, a consumer cannot resolve a problem with a home care provider business, the Association may become involved as follows. The Association will only address issues or complaints that are within the Association’s scope of review.

Disputes Within the Association’s Scope of Review

  • Disputes concerning whether services were actually rendered for which a fee was charged.
  • Disputes concerning alleged breaches of the Association’s Code of Business Ethics by an Association Member.
  • Disputes concerning the quality of care services rendered.

Disputes Beyond the Association’s Scope of Review

A. The Association will not consider any dispute for which a lawsuit of any type has been filed, or if there is pending legal action concerning the matter

B. The Association will not consider any disputes concerning the following:

  1. Employment issues
  2. Labor or labor law issues
  3. Criminal or potential criminal issues such as theft, negligence, abuse, fraud, etc.

If you believe that any of the items in “B” above applies to your situation, click on the following link: for further assistance.

Complaint Review Process

If your issue is within AZNHA’s Scope of Review, please put your concern/problem/issue in writing and either email it to

or mail to:

PO Box 8042
Tempe, AZ 85281

Please include your contact information (name, phone, email address), so that we may get back to you with our response.

Your letter will be given to the AZNHA Board of Directors for review. If the board determines that the complaint is valid and is something that AZNHA can help resolve, it will be forwarded to our Complaint Resolution Committee. The committee members may need to contact you for additional information. They may, or may not, contact the provider company in questions and may suggest mediation between the complainant and the provider company.

Be advised that AZNHA has no legal standing and whatever resolution we may suggest will be honored at the discretion of either party. No recourse may be taken against AZNHA by either party.


Decisions of AZNHA’s Board of Directors, as well as all information and communication developed during the course of their investigation or deliberation, are confidential to the extent allowed by law. Decisions and related information shall not be shared with the general membership of the Arizona In-Home Care Association nor to the general public.