Eco-Friendly Home Decor Ideas for Senior Citizens

Authored by Matt Guenther,

Decorating is a challenging part to do as we grow older. We choose decorations that match everything we need to consider. From our safety to our comfort, we take them down into options like cash for homes.

Well, older people are not that choosy anymore. All that matters to them is what they prefer, which seems to be not too destructive. Aside from that, eco-friendly ones are the best option seniors could have.

 So, to help seniors in adding some home decorations, here’s a guide for them to follow. Check this out.

1. Buy Stuff Made of Recycled or Sustainable Materials

Today, most stuff available in the market is made of recycled or sustainable materials. It is a great buy for you because it costs less than those made from plastic. You are also helping society to raise the usage of materials like wood and bamboo.

The durability of this will probably last longer, which will save you more money in return. It will surely give your home a good vibe that will never fade.

2. Use Eco-Friendly Paints and Finishes

Aside from recycled and sustainable materials, seniors often prefer eco-friendly stuff as well. Paints and finishes are one thing they are meticulous about. As they prefer those with less odor, or what we call organic, these eco-friendly materials will give them a relaxing way of furnishing their homes.

3. Go for higher toilet seats

We all know that our grandpa and grandmas have difficulty folding their knees because of aging. That is why we need to consider their comfortableness and safety as well.

Higher toilet seats will give them both, and this will not be hard for them to do their business anytime, even on their own. There will be lesser risks for any unanticipated situations that might harm them.

4. Decorate with Thermal Curtains

As we grow older, we are sensitive to temperature. That is why it is crucial to choose stuff that could somehow block them.

One of which is the thermal curtain. Unlike any other curtains available in the market, thermal curtains could help block weather. It will reduce the temperature and will surely give the seniors a nice and comfortable living.

This seems eco-friendly as it will help you have a lesser cost of electricity in any situation.

5. Add lots of lighting

It is essential as well to choose lights for our oldies. We need to have more than the lights at home. We should pick those that are bright enough. Why? Well, as we grow older, our eyes have a lesser capability to look within darker spaces. Having brighter and more lights will help us see clearly within our homes. Thus, to be more eco-friendly, it is better to have LED lights. This will help you have a lesser cost of electricity and even safer.

6. Slip Resistant Floors and Secure landing spaces

Aside from bumping and tripping, slipping off the floor is one incident seniors are prone. It is very harmful that they slip off at that age where they are prone to physical damages.

That is why putting some slip-resistant floors will help them walk comfortably and with ease. Also, it will secure them from any unanticipated landing using handrails, protecting them in return. If you cannot put in all the space within the home, you can just put on areas where slipping is prominent.

7. Invite Birds Into Your Backyard

There’s nothing more relaxing than having a touch of nature in your homes. As we grow older, we prefer more silence and relaxation. Not just with plants, you could add birds in your backyards.

Seniors are fond of this stuff, and it will surely give them nice and comfortable rest in the day. Feeding and taking care of them might be one of their daily routines in no time. Eco-friendly as it seems, you are then helping these birds have a safe and perfect stay.

8. Recycle Your Junk into Something New

There’s nothing new for recycling things to add to your homes. But having one will surely be an eco-friendly step for seniors. Recycling plastic jugs as pots and bottles for plant landscapes will be a fresh approach to help.


Oldies would love these eco-friendly decoration tips. All that matters now is how they will execute these ideas. Thus, no doubt that this will all look great.

Aside from that, this comes to be way better than other options as there’s a win-win situation for you and those around you.

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