How to Keep Seniors’ Minds Active Through Writing

Author:  Max Mitchell    Photo: chandler-cruttenden-OuTruf749dM-unsplash

Writing with hands is a great way and exercise to keep your brain in tune,  grow your creative and critical thinking as well as learn and memorize language writing rules. This activity is useful for people of any age, especially for seniors who are retired and have plenty of free time for their hobbies now.

 It is vital for them to participate in various activities to keep them focused, and exercise their thinking and brain. Writing can surely be one of them. They just need to select the type and style of writing they prefer and train regularly. Below in this post, we collected the type of writing that will help seniors grow their concentration and keep their minds active.

Regular Writing

These days, there is no manual writing in different industries. All text has been digitized and converted into computer docs. It may seem that computer typing is just the same as handwriting, but it is rather a mistake. You simply forget your signature, the grammar rules, and so on, as there are numerous tools that correct your writing automatically.

Then, seniors need to implement the days of handwriting in their daily life. It can be any type of content they would like to write down—their favorite poem, a real story from life, an article related to some topic, etc. For instance, based on the writing service WritingJudge, seniors can write down the approximate plan for a month setting tasks to write some piece of content every day, with no excuses.

It is an excellent exercise to train their brains, remember all writing rules and memorize them once again, try to focus on one task properly, and so on. Also, seniors should send their writing from checking to each other or their younger relatives to monitor their progress.

Writing a Letter is a Good Exercise

Writing a letter seems to be so outdated and even an ancient thing to do. We are all used to typing our emails on the computers, sending them quickly as well as receiving letters at once. Writing a letter could be a great brain activity for seniors to make them remember the grammar rules, the structure of the latter, the polite greetings and endings, their contents, and so on. Even if they don’t have someone to send this letter to, it doesn’t matter, as it can just be a daily activity to train concentration and creative thinking. The letter can contain any type of information like:

  • it can be a diary where seniors write down all things that happen to them during a day;
  • it can be poems;
  • it can be different, fascinating stories from their youth;
  • It can be some notes about their feelings and impressions during a certain period of their lives, and so on.

Storytelling Helps to Stay Focused

Another great writing activity we would like to highlight is storytelling. It is a great way to train and grow memory as storytelling requires many details, the writing skills to impress through in different ways, and focus on the same thing for some time to stimulate the brain. What is important about story writing for seniors is that it needs to have the introduction, main body, and conclusion. It means that all things have to be structured logically, from the beginning to the very end.

 To make this process easier and more effective, we recommend seniors choose a story about the happiest and the most exciting moments in their life, which also enable their good moods and brain activity. Along with real stories from life, seniors can also write fictional stories which involve even more brain activity and thinking. It also helps seniors to remember their story plan and write down all their thoughts in the chain of logic.

Connecting to Group Helps

The results of writing should be monitored. As we mentioned above, it can be done by their younger relatives. Another way to check the progress of seniors is to gather groups of the same people who write the stories to train their brains where they could exchange their writing, discuss and check it. This approach also connects seniors by interest and helps them meet new people who they can communicate with regularly.

To Sum Up

Writing is just one of the countless activities that will help seniors keep active and train their brains. As the writing service BestWritersOnline claims, helping them connect to groups makes them feel less lonely and more supported by others.

Author’s Bio:  Max Mitchell is the latest alumnus of our content marketing department. He is very passionate about typing, creating complicated spreadsheets, and consuming an inhuman amount of caffeine. Nevertheless, he is also the creative type of individual who will always find a new perspective on topics of interest.

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