Making Self-Care Work for You as a Senior

Authored by Lucille Rosetti,           Image via Pexels

As you enter your golden years, odds are that you’ve already formed some great self-care habits. But it’s easy to slip when it comes to maintaining positive habits. You might even pick up some unhealthy ones along the way. The good news is there are ways you can make your golden years your best years simply by being consistent. 

From setting up a home gym to working on that garden to decluttering, walking your pet, or volunteering in your community, the ways you take care of your mind and body can also lead you to a happier future. Arizona In Home Care presents a guide that can help seniors discover their own paths to self-care.

Self-Care and Tossing Stress

One of the biggest reasons it’s important to develop and maintain regular self-care routines as a senior is that too much stress can add up to physical ailments. For this reason, many seniors find that keeping a clean and organized home is a good way not only to reduce stress but also to decrease the chance of an injury that could hurt their overall quality of life.

If you’re a senior wondering about ways to make your life easier and stay healthy at the same time, consider downsizing or throwing out the clutter. These can be good ways to get exercise while planning for the future. 

Thinking Ahead and Getting Help

While most people hope to stay independent for as long as possible in their senior years, it’s an act of self-care to know when you need help. Hiring someone to take care of your yard or help you clean the house on a regular basis is a good way to help maintain your independence while staying socially connected to others. 

Taking care of yourself and reaching out for help doesn’t need to be limited to physical activities, either. Never before has it been easier to connect to a doctor or therapist than it is today. And then there’s the cost of a therapist, which is more affordable through telehealth services. With a variety of online services at their disposal, seniors have great luck getting medical appointments and prescriptions through virtual services. When meeting with healthcare professionals online or in person, ask about ways to incorporate new, healthy routines into your daily life. 

Adding an online therapist to your regular health providers is a great way to have someone to talk to about ways to form healthy habits. And by seeing a therapist online, you’ll pay less than you would for in-person visits. 

Staying Positive in Later Years

Some seniors struggle with things like limited mobility or feelings of isolation. The good news is that you can work against negative thoughts by getting enough sleep, eating healthy, being social, and getting enough exercise. If you’re worried you’re struggling, consider reaching out to your therapist or to a coach, mentor, or family member. They can help you find activities that inspire you to make the most out of life. 

Your Health Matters

You and your health matter, and taking proactive steps to maintain healthy habits and reach out is an important step for people of all ages. For more on seniors and self-care, check out Arizona In Home Care today. Regardless of where you live, this website offers helpful tools for you or the senior you love, such as how to implement low-impact exercise into a daily routine.

About the author:  Lucille created as a means of sharing tools to help people through the grief process. Having lost some of the people closest to her, she understands what it’s like, and how it can be an emotional roller coaster that doesn’t always seem to make sense.

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