Making the Most of Your Event Attendance (and Your AZNHA Membership)

Authored by Linda Thompson, AZNHA Board Administrator

When you register and pay to attend a conference, trade show, or virtual education event, are you making the most of the day? Are you getting the biggest bang for your buck?

 Many of you attend AZNHA conferences and other trade shows, visit exhibitor booths, fill your bag with printed information, only to toss most of it when you return to your office. Why not look at these materials again keeping in mind who, on your staff, could get the most from it – then share it with them? A lot of exhibitors have products and/or services designed to help you – the business owner – in the day-to-day management of your business. But other exhibitors offer products and/or services that could help your staff in their everyday tasks, or resources that would be appropriate for your clients.

Sharing is caring. Sharing the information and resources you’ve obtained can be the life line that your staff member needed to help your client.  For example, you’ve gathered information for mobility, home safety, and even security products that could benefit some of your clients. Share this information with your staff so if they find a client needing one of these products or services, they have resources to share. When you have answers you elevate your care as a trusted advocate proving, that you’re ready and able to serve by providing proper solutions for the clients’ total care and well-being.

The same goes with virtual education sessions – and in particular those sessions AZNHA offers to its members. If you are the only one in your office participating in these sessions, yet you believe some (or all) of your staff could benefit from the information given during the session, why not share with your staff the link to that session after it has been posted on the AZNHA website?

AZNHA offers so much information and so many resources to support your entire business. If you are not sharing these resources with your staff, then you are not receiving the full value for your membership dues. So please share, and keep in mind that some of the resources are exclusive to AZNHA members. You can find this information in the Members Only section of our website, and we appreciate your keeping this information within the AZNHA family.

And for those of you who are not AZNHA members, please visit our website ( for more information about membership and download the appropriate membership application form. And please continue to watch our our website for upcoming events.

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