4 Ways Seniors Can Boost Their Physical and Mental Health

Authored by Libby Howell, a.k.a. “Gamma,” Grandparent.info There has never been a more important time to take care of your own health. The Annals of Internal Medicine found seniors who exercise spend 25 percent less time with an injury or disability. Doctors and researchers agree that taking the time to stretch your muscles and move […]

Home Safety for the Elderly: Safety Tips for Every Room of Your Home

Written by Maurice Muise of SeniorsMobility.org As people get older, it is important to take steps to meet their changing needs. In the case of the elderly who wish to “age in place”, this can mean modifications to make their home safer. Elderly individuals may not have the same strength, dexterity, reflexes, and balance as […]

Super Boost Your Brain With These Tips

Authored by Holly Klamer Being able to concentrate and direct your mental effort onto a task is critical for learning and achieving goals. But in today’s constantly connected world, concentrating and staying on task can often be difficult – especially if you have suffered a brain injury in the past or have any mental health […]

What Seniors Need to Know About Estate Planning

Authored by Steve Howard Reading this probably means you may be thinking about estate planning, but you now need to take the next step by actually doing it. Only about 40% of adults have a will or a trust, which means they do not have control over the distribution of their estates or end-of-life decisions. […]

FAQs About Finding Long-Term Care for a Loved One

Authored by: Annabelle Harris, https://elders.center/ Find additional in-home and long-term care resources and information at AZNHA.org. As a family caregiver, you’re used to making choices for your loved one. One of the toughest choices you will ever have to make, however, is deciding whether a senior needs to transition into a long-term care facility. There […]

7 Ways to Care for Seniors with Memory Care Issues

Authored by  Holly Klamer, Freelance Writer Memory issues can be complex. That’s why many decide to send their elderly away to an assisted and senior living center. But, even if you decide to care for them at home, there are effective and inexpensive ways to care for your loved ones that require no dime at […]

The Ultimate Self-Care Ritual

Authored by:  Lauren Berlingeri and Katie Kaps Give yourself permission to practice self-care rituals that prioritize your own standards of happiness. In today’s busy, over-stimulated world, taking the time to slow down can often feel overly indulgent and unproductive, but it’s actually the opposite. Allowing yourself the time and space to rest and revive is […]

Aging in Place vs. Senior Living Community: Which is Better?

Written by Jayde Bevin, blogger, for aznha.org For many older adults, choosing where to spend their later years in life can be a daunting task. For one, there are several factors to consider when going over various housing and care choices for the elderly. Such factors include: transportation, personal preferences, socialization, healthcare needs, and physical […]

Good Sleep Comes to Those Who Sweat: 10 Best Exercises Before Bedtime

Authored by  Jamie Benjamin, Editor of Sleep Junkie Whether you’re looking for a quick weight-loss routine or simply trying to get a better night’s rest, breaking a sweat before bed has many benefits. No matter what age you are, exercise should be part of your wellness plan. And if it benefits your sleep quality or […]