Top 10 Apps for Elderly and Senior People to Make Life Easier

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You can find dozens of useful and entertaining apps for elderly people. They are usually easy to locate in both iOS and Android formats. In addition, apps for elderly users are often free to use. They can also make a significant improvement to the quality of your life.

Benefits of Using Mobile Applications

Once you have downloaded an app to your mobile, you have access to its services wherever you are. Apps help you keep in touch with family and friends, essential services and local events. Some apps monitor your health and help you organise your finances.

1. Mint

This easy-to-use app is ideal for organising your day-to-day finances in real time. You can see exactly what you’ve spent, how much money you have available, and what you need for regular expenses.

2. Life 360

This free app works with sophisticated satellite systems that keep a constant fix on your location. The app also allows you to keep track of people you rely on, making it particularly useful in emergencies. Life 360 makes it easy to call for help.

3. Uber

The taxi company, Uber, has a useful app that seniors can use 24/7. It’s easy to use and gives you the assurance of being driven by helpful, trusted drivers. You can even request an adapted vehicle if you need wheelchair access. Lyft also operates a similar app.

4. Pacer

This versatile, free to use app is sure to encourage you to lead an active life. It helps you find local walking routes designed for all levels of fitness. The app has additional features such as keeping you in touch with friends. You can easily invite them to join your walk.

5. Facebook

One of the worst aspects of retiring is becoming isolated. However, according to the Pew Research Center, up to 50% of the elderly population are regular Facebook users. Sign up with Facebook and you’re sure to find former colleagues with ease. You may even find old friends you haven’t seen for years. Facebook also helps highlight events and services in your neighbourhood.

6. SmartBP

The NHS states that at least 16 million people suffer from high blood pressure. If it remains unchecked, it can lead to heart disease and strokes. This app monitors your blood pressure to keep you in the best of health while integrating with Google and Apple fitness apps.

7. Google Play Books

This is a great reading app for seniors that’s free to use. It provides access to thousands of titles across many categories. An easy-to-use search facility helps you locate exactly what you want to read. Alternative apps include Amazon’s Kindle, and Apple Books.

8. Magnifier Apps

There are many free apps available for iOS and Android that help you see more clearly. BigMagnify (iOS) and Magnifier Glass (Android) are excellent examples. They help you read the small print on restaurant menus, product ingredients and much more.

9. Netflix

Netflix account holders can download this entertainment app for free. You can search for your favourite dramas or broaden your outlook with new programmes. If you prefer listening while you’re busy, Spotify have a free app with access to thousands of interesting podcasts.

10. Puzzles and Games

Keeping your brain active is vital for your quality of life in later years. You can stay mentally sharp by searching for hundreds of free puzzles and games apps. Sudoku helps you keep up to speed with mathematics, while The Times Crossword app is enjoyably challenging.

Affordable Smartphones

The one disadvantage of downloading apps is their heavy usage. Typically, they usually work seamlessly with high-end smartphones. These mobiles are usually expensive, but an affordable solution is choosing refurbished mobiles from a certified ITAD company. Refurbished smartphones cost a fraction of their original price, but they offer great quality. Certified recycling service is important for the environment as it prevents the electronic waste from ending up in the landfills. Professionally repaired, they work exactly the same as when they were new. Refurbished smartphones are also environmentally friendly, saving valuable metals from landfill sites.


The best apps for seniors help you keep in touch with services, friends, top entertainment and more. Best of all, inexpensive, refurbished smartphones give every senior the opportunity to use these exciting apps.

About the Author:  This article was written by Milica Vojnic of Wisetek. Wisetek is a global provider of data center services and data sanitization solutions.

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