Why Are Virtual Exercise Classes a Good Option for Seniors?

Author: Elizabeth Long

It’s never too late to start practicing healthy habits, including exercising. The benefits of regular exercise for seniors are significant, even for those with moderate movement goals.

Whether you are just starting an exercise routine or have enjoyed an active lifestyle for most of your life, virtual exercise classes are a smart option. Some of the specific reasons you should consider virtual exercise classes in your golden years can be found below.

Receive Professional Instruction at Home

With virtual exercise classes, you don’t have to worry about trying to get creative or looking for new workouts to do. Virtual classes let you engage in professionally led programs and benefit from the instructor’s experience. Additionally, the guidance of a professional instructor ensures a good flow to the routine and gives you helpful instructions and tips when engaging in new or different movements.

Work Out with Others

Engaging in virtual group exercise sessions provides you with a group fitness atmosphere, and you never have to set foot in a gym. With online classes, especially live stream options, you will feel as though everyone is in the same room together, working through the same exercise session.

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to improve your fitness and health or to build stamina and muscle; having a support system like this is extremely beneficial and motivating. Additionally, many seniors become socially isolated at home. Even working out with a virtual exercise class provides a sense of being with others, which can help to fight cases of loneliness.

Keep Moving

It has been reported that around 60% of older adults sit for over four hours per day. This type of sedentary lifestyle can be particularly dangerous for older people. The less you move, the harder it will be to get into the habit of exercising. However, engaging in a virtual workout, which can be done at home (and so is more convenient), will help get you moving, improve your health, and help combat the concerns of a sedentary lifestyle.

Increased Strength, Balance, and Endurance

One out of three people who are age 65 or older falls and experiences a serious injury. As you age, the risk of falling increases because strength, balance, and endurance all tend to lessen. While this is true, you can engage in regular virtual exercise sessions to restore strength, balance, and endurance. Doing this will also reduce the risk that you will fall, which is particularly important for older people.

Finding the Right Virtual Workout Program

If you are ready to engage in virtual workout programs, you will find more than a few options specifically targeting seniors. These provide a good pace and ensure the movements are good for older individuals. Many instructors are even well-versed in senior health, wellness, and nutrition, which allows them to provide more tips and advice to seniors who want to improve their overall health and well-being.

If you’re not confident with technology, you could ask a family member or friend to join you for the first class, so that they can show you how to set it up. Most of us have some experience of online calls now due to the pandemic, so hopefully you’ll soon be able to manage this yourself.

About Elizabeth:  I have always enjoyed writing as a form of self-expression, to help me focus my thoughts. I now write meaningful posts, designed to give readers helpful take-home points that they can act on in their own lives.

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